Repeat Breeding of the N litter

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vom Beaver Creeks Kennels
Breeder Butch Grover
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Born Dec. 16th 2011 9 pups

Contact: Butch Grover


Sire: VC Cash vom Beaver Creeks
NADKC  D1, S1, Btr, NAKP 2, HDA2, HN, FwV

NAVHDA Titles: NA 112 Pz.1, UT 204 Pz 1 X2, Versitle Champion

Sire: Kristan KS vom Pottseipen
Dam: VC Regal vom Riverwoods

Cash's Pedigree



German Import
Dam: VC Duxi vom Hege-Haus
Titles: NADKC Derby Pz. 1 with a 4h in Search, AZP Pz.1, Btr, NAKP 1 4h in search behind the duck, HN, HD0, Fw SG
Titels: NAVHDA NA 110 Pz. 1, UT 1 196, 197 pt. Versatile Champion

Sire: German Champion Narziss KS vom Hege-Haus
Dam: German Champion Magnolie KS vom Hege-Haus

VC Duxi vom Hege-Haus      German Pedigree

This is a repeat breeding. Same as my N litter. We had a NA breeders Award and a Derby breeders award from the N litter so far. Both dogs have Hege-Haus blood lines.  Both dogs are very nice in the house and kennel. They both are excellent in the field , water, with 4h's in the search behind the duck. Duxi vom Hege-Haus is the 1st. and only Hege-Haus dog to ever pass the NAVHDA Invitational. They are some of the best dogs that I have ever seen do a duck searches. Every time they hit the water for a duck search. Duxi vom Hege-Haus is the last born breedable female from a long line of Hege-Haus dogs. 

Q Litter 2 weeks old

Q Litter 6 weeks old